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Ananda Temple

Grace that is Ananda

Dhammayan Gyi Temple

Massiveness that is Dhammayan


That Byin Nyu Temple

Loftiness that is That Byin Nyu

thatbyinnyu-temple kyaunggyinyiama10

Shwezigon Pagoda

In architecture Shwezigon is
a prototype of Myanmar Zedi


Gawdaw Palin Temple

The name Gawdaw-palin literally
means "the throne which was worshipped.“

Bu Pagoda
(A.D.3rd Century)

The shape of the pagoda is typically Pyu.


Archeological Museum

The first archaeology museum in the true sense of the term


Tharaba Gate

It is the only piece of secular architecture left


Nget Pyit Taung Zedi

In a tunnel on the northside of Nget Pyit Taung

Alo-daw Pyi Pagoda
(A.D.11th Century)

A principal temple in a cluster of pagodas


Winido Temple
(A.D.11th Century)

Inside the Winido Temple are very remarkable paintings

winido1 myin-kaba-gupyauk-gyi

Gu Byauk Gyi (Myinkaba)

The only cave pagoda in the neighbourhood of the Mya zedi stone pillar


Htilo Minlo Temple

The fencing walls, bricks were laid by an excellent skill

Gu Byauk Nge (Myinkaba)

Most of the wall paintings remain unruined


Abe Yadanar Temple
(A.D.11th Century)

This Pagoda is situated south of Myin Kaba village

abeyadanacave-pagoda1 manuha-temple

Manuha Buddha Image
(A.D. 1067)

The middle image is 46 loot high whereas the two on its sides, each measuring 33 feet in height


Thambula Temple

Representative of a single-storeyed temple in the Late Style

Ananda Oakkyaung Monastery

Ananda Oakkyaung Monastery is located in Old Bagan


Pitakattaik Library
(1044 -1077)

The thirty sets of the Tipitaka which King Anawrahta brought back from Thaton

pitakatike1 shinarahan-oakkyaung1

Shin Arahan's brick monastery
(A.D.11th Century)

It had a Dhamma Sala or Preaching Hall on its eastern side


Ashe Petleik and Anauk Petleik Pagodas
(A.D.11th Century)

They are rather similar in form

Pebingyaung Pagoda
(A.D.12th Century)

This small pagoda is essentially a Sinhalese type


Soemingyi Pagoda
(A.D.12th Century)

A square base with many terraces leading to the top part

soemingyi1 pawdawmu1

Pawdawmu Pagoda

An interesting example of an encased pagoda-peculiar in shape

Mingala Zedi Pagoda

The surrounding small stupas are
decorated with glazed bricks of green and yellow colour

Atwin Zigon Pagoda

A double pagodas, one enclosing the other


Lawka Nanda Pagoda

A replica of the sacred Tooth of the Buddha

lawka-nanda2 myat-taw-pyay

Myet Taw Pyay Pagoda

The zedi stands on a brick Kalakyaung house


Nga Myet Hna Zedi

Originally there used to be five Buddha statues in it

Shwegu Gyi Temple

It is a cave Pagoda with a Sikhara on the top facing north


Shwe Sandaw Pagoda

There are image houses at four sides

shwesandaw sapada1

Sapada Zedi
(A.D.12th Century)

Sapada zedi is locally known as "Paya Ni"


Seinnyet Nyima Pagoda
(A.D.11th Century)

The bell-shaped dome is ornamented with moulded bands and kirttimukha pendants

Tuyin Taung Pagoda

At the base of the zedi are 32 figures of elephant and like Lawka Nanda zedi


Mahazedi Pagoda

Dhammayazika or Dhammarajika in Pali means "Pertaining the King of Law

mahazedi myazedi1

Myazedi Pagoda

A four-sided pillar in a cage between the two monuments bears an inscription


Seddana Pagoda

This large, bell-shaped pagoda is set on four square terraces

Yet Saunt Temple

As the design of most of the monuments of Bagan


Mee Nyein Gone Temple
(A.D.12th Century)

The name "Mee Nyein Gone" means "the hill where the fire extinguishes"

mee-myein-gone myazedi1

Mimalaung Kyaung Temple

The name of the temple points up the hazard of fire at Bagan


Bo Cho Mi Gu Byauk Temple
(A.D.13th Century)

The name of this temple was inherited from the name of a hero known as Boch

Gu Byauk Gyi (Wetkyi Inn)
(A.D.13th Century)

The temple is famous for its frescoes and stucco works


Hnat Htat Sintu Temple
(A.D.11th Century)

The temple has a double zedi on the top and also has a double Buddha Images inside it

hnethtat-sintu1 kondawgyi

Kondaw Gyi Temple

In the frescoes on the ceiling of the main hall are beautiful floral designs figures of birds and couples of animals


Kyaunggyi Ama Nyima Temple

Kyaunggyi Nyima means "the younger sister of the great temple"

Lawka Chanthar Temple

Lawka Chanthar means "Prosperity of the world"


pan Temple

(A.D.12th Century)

"The adorned tip of the world"

lawkahteikpan laymyatnar

thna Temple

The Lemyethna temple, the "Temple of the Four Faces"


Maha Bodhi Temple
(A. D. 1215)

The Pagoda was Indeed a copy of the Maha Bodhi at Bodhgaya

Myauk Guni Temple

A stone inscription was found inside the temple describing about the donation of the temple


Nagayon Temple

There are the same sloping roofs, the same terraces, the same corner stupas

nagayone3 nan-paya-temple

Nan Paya Temple
(A.D.13th Century)

The inner walls were built of baked bricks whereas


Nanda-mannya Temple
(A. D. 1248)

In the profusion of scrolls, decoratives designs and

Nat Hlaung Kyuang Temple
(A.D.11th Century)

As it is dedicated to Vishnu,
, it is decorated on


Nwar Pya Gu Temple

Nwar Pya Gu Temple is a two-storey building. The lower level has two halls

nwarpyagu pahtothamya

Pahto-Thamya Temple
(A.D.13th Century)

The Payathonzu, meaning "Three Temples," is a triad of temples


(Pyathatgyi) Temple

Pyathadar Temple is a double-cave type monument

Seinnyet Ama Temple

The " Seinnyet Sisters" - the Ama ( Elder Sister) a temple, and the Nyima (Younger Sister) a pagoda- stand


Shin Izza Gawna Temple

A two-storey Indian based style monument

shinizzagawna1 shinmahtee1

Shin Mahtee Temple

A square-based monument


-yaung Temple

(A.D.11th Century)

The Shinbinthalyaung is a long, low, rectangular brick structure

Shwe Laik Tu Temple
(A.D.13th Century)

It is located in the southwest part of Wetkyi-In Village


Sinmyarshin Temple

 A two-storey building consisting of an entrance hall and the main hall on the lower level

sinmyarshin sinphyushin1

Sinphyushin Temple

It was built by King Thihathu or Sinphyushin of Pinya


Sulamani Temple

The name chosen —Culamcini in Pali, meaning "Crowning Jewel"- was a particularly sacred one

Taung Guni Temple
(A. D. 1190)

Taung Guni Temple is located in Old Bagan


Tayok Pye Temple

 A large temple in extreme cases of the group of Minnanthu

tayok-pye1 thagyahit1

Thagya Hit Temple

A two-storey building


Thagya Pone Temple

A two-storey building with a large passage on the first floor

Thet Kya Muni Temple

This cave Pagoda or temple is situated at Chauk Paya Hla on the east of Nyaung U town


Thiganyone Temple

A cave-type and Indian style monument

thinganyone thuhtay-mokgu-temple

Thuhtay Mokgu Temple

There are mural paintings in the devotional hall of the first storey


Upali Sima (Ordination Hall)
(A.D 1794)

Ink writings on the northern wall of the west

Soemingyi Monastery

The most elaborate, is rectangular as well as square, and has a large central hall surrounded by cells


Thandawgya Image

Thandawgya, "Within Hearing of the Royal Voice," because it was said to be situated not too far from the royal palace

thandawgya thameehwetumin1

Thamee Hwet and Hmya Tha U Min
(A.D 1435)

Among ancient buildings around Bagan-Nyaung U


Kyanzittha U Min

Kyanzittha U Min of the three Kyanzittha U Mins located around Shwezigon Pagoda

Kyauk Gu U Min

It is one of the four monuments in Bagan, built of stone brick


Myoe Daung Monastery
(A.D.19th Century)

The main monastery building, with an east-west orientation, is approximately 130 ft. x 115 ft



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