Abe Yadanar Temple

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abeyadanacave-pagoda1This Pagoda is situated south of Myin Kaba village by the side of the tar road to new Bagan town.

Before Kyansittha became king, he had to flee and hide himself from his enemy King Saw Lu. While he was hiding at the place where Naga Yon Paya now is, his queen Abeyadana brought food to him. When he became king he built this Pagoda in honour of his queen. The Pagoda was built on the very place where she brought food for him. The ink inscription inside Thet-taw shey Pagoda on the south-east, records the history of Abe-yadana Pagoda.

Judging by the shape of the Pagoda's base which is that of Kalatha pot, its curvilinear roof, mural paintings and the window style, we may say for certain that it was a structure of early A. D.  11 th century.

The zedi on the top is of Ceylonese design. It is a well-proportioned cave pagoda (temple) facing north. It is one of those monuments famous for their fine frescos.

The striking feature of its frescos is that the pictures on the inner wall depict Maha-yana, Theravada Buddhist and Brahmanic episodes. Devas and their vehicles were also pre-sented in the pictures.

Abe-yadana Cave Pagoda, A.D 11th century

On the western wall are pictures showing the Lord Bud¬dha giving sermons to the monks, the royalty and the court and the people presented separately. On the outer walls are the pictures of Bbdisatta (Buddha to be) sitting on a lotus throne with one leg up and the other down, and two attend¬ants by his side. Above it are the pictures of Mahayana themes and those of recluses living in the caves.

On the outer wall of the image house are paintings in which the Guardian goddess of the Yamuna River and that of the Ganges River, Wind god, Moon god, Vishnu, Siva, Brahma and their vehicles were presented. On the wall at the northern entrance are the pictures presenting 550 Jatakas, with captions in ink.

Under the UNDP/ UNESCO project the frescos have been cleaned up and scientifically preserved.


The cross section of Abe-yadana Paya

The ground plan of Abe-yadana Pagoda

Abeyadana Temple West Elevation

The vertical view of Abe-yadana Paya from the wastern side.


abeyadanacave-pagoda6 abeyadanacave-pagoda7
Artwork presenting a lion trampling an elephant adorned with floral designs
abeyadanacave-pagoda9 abeyadanacave-pagoda10
The picture of Bodhisatta found on the wall inside Abe-yadana Paya, A.D 11th Century



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